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PopoMama Confinement Food

Traditional Chinese Confinement Food Delivery to Your Home

The confinement period of 4 to 8 weeks is important for a mother’s recovery from pregnancy, labour and birth. It is not unusual for mothers to experience weakness and physical discomfort during this period as their body undergoes hormonal changes. A well-balanced confinement food with complete nutrition is very important during the postpartum phase.
PopoMama is here to deliver home-cooked Chinese confinement food made of premium quality herbs and fresh ingredients to your doorstep. Our team of certified nutritionists combined with lactation experiences have developed a confinement food program which consists of 4 special recovery stages, which is a much needed preventive measure against ailments and health problems in future.

PopoMama HERS Confinement Program

“Have A Good Confinement and You Will Be Blessed For Life”


PopoMama HERS Recovery Program support your postnatal recovery:
Promote healing of uterus & wound
Enhance Qi, blood & digestive system
Promote recovery of organ & energy
Strengthen bone, immune & body function

The PopoMama Difference

“Mothers Empowering Mothers”

For Mothers By Mothers

Our meals are planned by certified nutritionist & confinement meal specialist who understand your needs because we are mothers too

Mama Tips

We bring to you real-life mama tips which not only empower you to be a great mama, but also to make your mamahood happier, easier and more enjoyable

Always Giving Back

Our Smile Kitchen delivers 300 free lunch boxes weekly to the underprivileged & needy. Approximately 10,000 free lunch boxes have been distributed as at 31 Dec 2021.

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